Zanesville Fire Department Offers Heating Safety Tips

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ZANESVILLE, OH – With the official start of spring still being 6 weeks away, we have a lot of winter weather left to get through.

We can expect bitterly cold temperatures this weekend and early next week. The Zanesville Fire Department has some tips on how to safely heat your home.

“Do not use heaters such as kerosene heaters or an oven that you use to cook with to heat your house. That can produce CO… Those devices can produce carbon monoxide, CO. It’s a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas. It’s the most common source of heating in your home. If it’s installed improperly or malfunctioning it can release CO,” Firefighter and EMT Austin Colopy said.

Space heaters are another popular way to stay warm, however they also pose a danger in starting a fire. It is most important to keep space heaters away from other objects, keep children and pets away, and not to plug one into an extension cord.

“Using a space heather plugged into a power strip is not a good idea. It just needs to be plugged directly into the wall… It’s good to have a CO detector on each level of your home, in the hallways. That way if you have any gas it can detect it and go off and alert you that there’s an issue in your house.”

The Zanesville Fire Department also recommends you test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in good working condition.

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