The Barn Reacts To Curfew Extension

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-On Friday governor Mike DeWine extended Ohio’s statewide 10 pm curfew to January 30th.

Owner of local bar and restaurant The Barn Jim Watson has been adapting to every new hurdle the government has thrown at him. 

“The curfew has made it challenging for all small businesses, but especially those in the restaurant industry as well as corporate businesses in the restaurant industry. We’ve done some things to accommodate the adjustment in hours. Obviously we’re following all of the CDC guidelines. You can see behind me we’ve got divider panels between our tables that aren’t six feet apart and a lot of our tables are more than six feet apart. Just making sure that we’re following those guidelines and keeping everyone safe.” , Watson told WHIZ.

Watson mentioned that The Barn has the capability to provide carry out and delivery orders. With the rollout of the vaccine Watson sees some light at the end of the tunnel. 

“With the vaccines finally coming out it’s gonna make people more comfortable. Obviously if they’re not at risk of being personally infected and having all of the dangers that are out there with the virus affecting them and their families by the vaccines being available, I think that’s gonna help businesses in general.”, Watson continued.

Watson repeatedly stressed the importance of supporting local businesses. 

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