Muskingum Valley Council BSA Exec. Director retires

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Mulholland has served the boy scouts for nearly thirty years and has been in cities across Ohio like Dayton, Springfield, Canton, and Ashland before coming to Zanesville.

“It’s just been such a great pleasure meeting and working with all of the volunteers in scouting. I’ve had the opportunity to work with really the best side of the community. The executive board here and the series of presidents I’ve worked with are just fantastic people and they’re doing it all voluntarily; giving their time, talent, and treasure and it’s just a pleasure to work with people like that,” Mulholland said.

The Council is also working to find its new director.

“There’s an interview process going on right now and we’ve narrowed it to four candidates from around the country and they’ll be conducting virtual interviews in the next couple of weeks and sometime in the middle of March a new person will come on aboard,” Mulholland said.

Mulholland is grateful for the many diverse opportunities he’s had with the Boy Scouts of America including event being part of an international scout camp and climbing a Swiss mountain.