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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-The Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center is naming Shadow as its dog of the week. 

Shadow has been with the center since January 5th. He gets along spectacularly with other dogs according to center volunteers. 

“He seems like he’s fairly mellow, he does well on a leash. Does seem to pull a bit but if you tug back a little bit he does mind so he does have a little bit of discipline. The good thing is that he does seem like he’s been somewhat worked with. He seems like he takes treats well so he’s not like a dog that’ll be biting you or trying to take them out of your hands really fast.”, Warden representative Bryan Catlin told WHIZ.

Shadow is described as being medium energy and timid. Shadow could bring many positives to your home. 

“He’s a Lab breed so Lab mixes, any type of Lab, seem like they’re good family dogs. Labs seem like they always typically do good with other dogs. They seem to be good family type dogs. I’m a Lab fan, I have a Lab mix of my own and I have never had any problems with him.”, Catlin continued.

Appointments to meet with Shadow or other potential adoptive dogs need to be made over the phone with the adoption center. 

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