Library Holding Family Reading Activity; Scholarship Help

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-The Muskingum County Library System is holding a family reading activity this coming Wednesday afternoon. 

The activity is a Facebook Live event. The book is perfect for children ages four to nine. 

“Wednesday at two pm we will be having a Facebook live event featuring this book, The Weeping Wombat, written by Tracy Hecht, illustrated by Josie Yee. We are partnering with the publisher Fable film Press. This is part of a series called the nocturnals. It’s a really cute series featuring some animal friends and focuses on social and emotional learning for kids.”, Assistant librarian Jennifer Heston told WHIZ.

The library system is also running a program for helping high school students apply for college. The program is in conjunction with the Muskingum County Community Foundation. 

“Beginning this coming Wednesday from five to seven we’re having what we call ‘What Do You Need Wednesday?’. This is for teens, it is geared towards high school and it’s going to be helping them find the tools they need to complete scholarships and college applications and get financial aid and build resumes.”, Heston said of the program.

More information on the programs can be found on the library website. 

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