OSHP is offering an online program to promote safety in work zones

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The work zone dashboard has a collection of data that motorists can check out before they head out on the roadways.

“So, once you get on the dashboard, you’ll see rolling years statistics on what’s happening on Ohio’s work zones. You’ll also see videos of Troopers enforcing violations within these work zones and then also see our aviation section in action with some of their statistics as well, OSHP Trooper Brice Nihiser said.

The Highway Patrol is always working to generally make these areas of road safer.

“So, obviously, one of the main things we’re going to be doing in these work zones is enforcement. That’s going to lead to driving behavior which means that its going to be safer for all motorists,” Nihiser said.

The dashboard can be found on www.workzonedashboard.ohio.gov

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