Dog of the Week

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-The Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center has named Beatrice as its dog of the week. 

Beatrice has been with the adoption center since November and is just another favorite amongst the staff. They consider her a real people pleaser amongst the dogs. 

“She’s very affectionate, the volunteers say she’s like forty pounds of wiggles. I guess he probably wiggles her body and her tail. She’s very lovable, very affectionate. She seems to walk well on a leash, appears to be good with kids, but it’s always best to do a meet and greet like always.”, warden representative Bryan Catlin said.

The adoption center requires meet and greets for all potential families. For Beatrice it’s important for her to meet potential dogs she could live with. 

“When the volunteers walk the dogs past the cages she seems like she reacts. She’s either could be dog aggressive or she’s protective of her area… If you do a meet and greet then she could find a mate that she could get along with. We’ve actually had dogs act like that before that someone would come out and their dog would not get along with one of our dogs and then someone else will come for a meet and greet and they’ll match perfect.”, continued Catlin.

Meet and greets for potential adopters need to be arranged by phone. 

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