SZFD receives some sizable and much needed funding

Local News

S. ZANESVILLE – The Department has officially been approved for a $147,000 grant from U.S. Representative Troy Balderson which was introduced last year.

“The money is used primarily just for our guys to be able to fight fires safely. We purchase new high temp masks that will go up to 500 degrees to protect their face and protect their breathing. Without that equipment, there is no way that we could even go in a house and fight a fire,” South Zanesville Fire Chief Russell Taylor said.

The SZFD is also getting nearly a little over an addition $6,000 from the Zavi Shrine Club in Zanesville.

I know they’ll do good with it because I think it was either two or three years ago, we gave them money there also for infrared heat sensors so they could tell if there was anybody in a burning house or whatever and they have to tell us what they are going to use this for before the money is appropriated to them,” Zanesville’s Zavi Shrine Club’s Tim Snelling said.

The Fire Department now has all of the new equipment in its possession and it will be put to use soon.