Balderson shares thoughts on U.S. Capitol Hill protests

Local News

S. ZANESVILLE – Ohio Congressman Troy Balderson was in Washington D.C. during the riots. While the events were extreme, he thinks its also important to remember that there are still certain rights that are protected in the U.S. constitution.

“That’s what they’re allowed to do. That’s in our constitution; the First Amendment, so for them to be able to do that is important. I’m heartbroken for what actually happened in the capitol. I was there. I was not in the Chamber. We got turned away beforehand and we went to convene with the joint session so to see that happen is sad and I’m heartbroken that happened,” Balderson said.

During these times, Balderson feels the best solution is to start looking in the mirror.

“We got to get our act together. We’ve got to stop the rhetoric… the rhetoric has got to stop. I think we as elected officials and I’m going to throw it back on the media, social media; but, we all have got to get our act together and stop the rhetoric because we are dividing us more and more on a daily basis and a lot of the truths are getting out there and we have a frustration in this country that I think a lot of us have never seen before and we need to focus on that and how we can fix that so we can work together and get things done for the American people,” Balderson said.

Balderson said that although they are not receiving nearly as much media attention, there were also many peaceful protests at the same time as the siege on Capitol Hill.

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