Carr Center Revamping Remote Learning Help

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Carr Center in Zanesville is letting it be known that area students can come and do remote learning at their facility. 

Executive director Becky Clawson sees it as imperative to help students learn who cannot be in school. The center offers free wifi and tutoring for all students who attend. 

“We are actually partnering with the city of Zanesville and eight or nine other centers around the county to provide remote learning services. We have spots open for that program and really want to express to our community that if you are going to work or if you are working from home or your child is struggling with remote learning, please give us a call.”, Clawson said.

Recently the Carr Center has stocked its staff with employees and volunteers meant to help and tutor students of all ages. 

“We want to offer our services to your child. We have a certified teacher on staff as well as a retired teacher, a retired educator who’s helping us out, as well we have volunteers, students, coming from Muskingum University to help those children. So a lot of times they get one on one attention and assistance to get those assignments done.”, Clawson continued.

Registration for the program must be done on the Carr Center’s website. 

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