AAA Offers Outlook on Travel in 2021

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ZANESVILLE, OH – Travel in 2021 hangs in the balance as COVID-19 is still rapidly spreading across the United States. AAA Ohio Auto Club did a survey of Ohioans to see what they think about travel in 2021.

59% of people surveyed said they’re planning a vacation in 2021, however only 31% of those people already have a trip booked. 56% of people say they are not sure they will be able to travel this year or not.

“Those that are planning on traveling this year are telling us that they’re more likely to take a domestic road trip. So 86% of those surveyed said if they’re going to travel it’s going to be somewhere within the United States. And so travel vendors have responded by offering more small group tours here in the United States to popular travel destinations. Offering more options for vacation home rentals and so that’s something that you can talk to a travel agent about and they can direct you to these new options,” AAA Public Affairs Senior Manager Kimberly Schwind said.

When planning a vacation in 2021 start with a travel expert to learn more about your destination and then plan your route if you’re taking a road trip. Most travelers this year are concerned with the health and safety of their destinations.

“So AAA asked survey respondents you know what are your top considerations when it comes to traveling in 2021. And the top consideration we found was a destinations attention to COVID-19 safety guidelines. People are also concerned about you know value added options, or price. And they’re also looking for vacations with flexible cancellation policies because as we know things can change very quickly.”

To stay up to date on the latest travel guidelines and restrictions you can visit AAA’s website, Click on the COVID-19 Restrictions map for the latest state and local travel restrictions.

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