Muskingum Co. Sheriff’s Communication Center shares NYE challenges

Local News

MUSKINGUM – One frequent reason for 911 calls is traffic accidents that may or may not be related to drunk driving. The number of calls was a bit down this New Year’s because there aren’t as many people out and about because of COVID-19.

“Oh, absolutely. You always have that but typically around this holiday especially it gets a little bit higher. We didn’t quite see as much last night as we typically would,” Dispatch Supervisor Rick Creeks said.

Creeks wants to remind county residents that they should call in the event of any danger and the dispatchers will send help on the way as fast as possible.

“It’s like they say if you see something, say something. If you’re involved in something where you feel like you’re threatened and (you’re) in the situation where you need to dial 911; but, outside of that, it’s regular business,” Creeks said.

The dispatch center has two dispatchers working at all times and a third staff member during busier times.

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