Muskingum Co. Land Bank discusses matters on hand and looks at future budget

Local News

MUSKINGUM – The Board donated a vacant residence on Central Avenue to the City of Zanesville. The City plans to use this property to create a more accessible route from the Armco ball diamonds on Linden Avenue.

“You’d turn straight off Linden. There’s little ball fields (and) that little park that sits there on Sheridan and then there would be a straight because, right through there, you’re at the Armco ballfields,” Land Bank Executive Director Andy Roberts said.

The Land Bank is also making headway with a building that has been vacant and has also been on its agenda for years; the former Mosaic Tile Property.

“We were talking budgetary numbers and we received one additional quote which was actually the lowest we’ve gotten to date. It’s Milburn out of Bellwood, Illinois. They came in to raise everything on the site. It was $1,026,000 and to keep the structure we’re talking about keeping and raising everything around it… it was $550,000,” Roberts said.

Roberts said that residents should begin to see physical changes to Mosaic Tile around January of 2022.

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