Christ’s Table Experiences Weather Issues

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Christ’s Table of downtown Zanesville experienced some issues with the heavy Christmas snowfall. 

The severity of the morning roads led to home bound deliveries being postponed. Executive director Keely Warden says the wait for the meals won’t be long. 

“Unfortunately our… volunteer homebound drivers could not get out today, so at level two we called it. It weighed really really heavy on our hearts because it’s Christmas Day, it’s theChristmas season, so we talked to our drivers, they’re gonna come in tomorrow on Saturday which is something they don’t typically do. We wanna thank a big bunch of volunteers who came in this morning to go ahead and help us get those homebound meals ready, so tomorrow. If you’re waiting on your homebound meal, use your blizzard box today.”, Warden told WHIZ.

The delivery volunteers weren’t the only special help Christ’s Table has received. Warden says Park National Bank was also a contributor to the Christmas cheer. 

“Big thank you out to the employees of Park National Bank for their support of this community and of Christ’s Table. It’s really tough on them right now because they normally come in and volunteer for us every week. They’ve not been able to do that and it bothered them, it really hurt their heart that they couldn’t be in here helping us out so they gave us a call earlier in the month and asked us what they could do, so we have special treats going out today. We have stockings that have been stuffed with love and all kinds of goodies.”, Warden said there were hundreds of stockings to pass out.

Warden wanted to thank the community and its leaders for all help Christ’s Table has received in 2020.