Dog Warden Names Its Dog of the Week

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-The Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center has named Gambol as its dog of the week. 

Gambol is a playful and well trained stray that the center took in very recently. Dog Warden Bryan Catlin told us about this good boy. 

“He seems to be very friendly. He’s approximately two to three years old. He is a male. He likes to be very friendly, he likes to play in our play yard. One of my volunteers, not on my shift but on the other warden shift, brings her son out and he’s very friendly with her son,” Catlin told WHIZ.

Catlin thinks that Gambol would be a perfect fit for just about any family. He also has tips on the proper way to feed a dog like Gambol.

Some people like to do open feeding, some people do it on a certain schedule. Usually it’s not a bad thing to do some in the morning and some at night. A lot of time if you do open feeding they’ll sit there and just gorge it and then get overweight, depends on how much you exercise your dog too. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little bit more in the morning and a little bit at night,” Catlin said of doggy diets.

Gambol is not currently neutered but the Adoption Center will schedule the procedure for potential families. 

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