Local Citizen Gives Back

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-Michele Dobbins has a special Christmas time tradition of providing holiday cheer to children of all ages through festive lights, treats and special Santa visits.

This year Dobbins was able to help a little bit more with some assistance from a local church.

“I’ve got 760 cookies to be exact. We have hot chocolate. We have gift bags, stuffed animals from Santa, candy canes, and food boxes this year from a local church that donated… I’m very thrilled. I’m also very blessed, there was a lot of community help but I also humbled myself by reaching out and asking for some help this year, so yes, people have come alongside me and we’re very grateful for the helpful hands.”, Dobbins told WHIZ Saturday night.

Southside Baptist Church is the perfect partner for Dobbins, herself a devout Christian.

“It’s always been important in years back to brighten spirits. It’s the whole reason why we do this, to give back for all that Jesus has done for us throughout our life. I think there’s no better time than this year here, that we are facing and seeing. I’ve had people reach out to me throughout the day telling me they haven’t gone to see Santa, They haven’t been no where this year, So I already know the impact we’re putting on our community and that’s why we do it is to give back.”, Dobbins said of why she does what she does.

The Christmas lights at Dobbins’ home will stay lit until early January.