Motorists will find speed humps on roads near Zanesville School District

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ZANESVILLE – The City of Zanesville feels the best way for slowing traffic down for pedestrian and children safety is adding the humps that will allow drivers to pass over them comfortably by simply continuing to drive the speed limit.

“You should be seeing additional speed humps and if you hit them at 25 miles per hours, you’ll be just fine. You’ll see them on blue, you’ll see them on the neighborhoods leading to the middle school and the high school, and you’ll see them on the Pine Street area (and) side streets as well as Pine Street because Pine Street is 25,” Zanesville Mayor Don Mason said.

Unlike speed bumps, the humps can be removed from the road. Mason says that the goal is keeping them there at this time.

“The speed humps are removable. They are also repairable. It is not our goal to be putting them in and taking them out. We think that creates motorist uncertainty plus it creates pedestrian uncertainty. So, at least during the school year, we will have the speed humps in place,” Mason said.

Mason also encourages leaving a bit earlier to arrive at your destination if you are traveling in the area. The safety of children and pedestrians is what is most important.