Free and Virtual Criminal Record Sealing and Expungement Clinic

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ZANESVILLE, OH – Muskingum County Restored Citizens Network, The Minority Business Resource Network, and Southeastern Ohio Legal Services have partnered together to offer a free and virtual criminal record sealing and expungement clinic.

Restored Citizens Network has a vision to make Muskingum County a safer place to live by engaging with offenders who return to the community.

“You know giving them tools. What’s the most important thing is to give individuals tools. You can’t expect anyone to move forward if they’ve come through the system and they’ve made a bad decision. When you give them tools then they can build something and that’s how it can be a better community,” Restored Citizens Network Board President April Cohagen-Gibson said.

This clinic is aimed at helping low income residents of Muskingum County and other counties if they have criminal cases with any of the 3 courts of Muskingum County.

“What we’re doing through this legal clinic is helping people understand if they meet the legal requirements to have their records sealed. If they don’t if there’s any way for them to become eligible and if they do if they are already eligible helping them with the forms for the application with the court,” Southeastern Ohio Legal Services Staff Attorney Ann Roche said.

The clinic will run through Friday December 11th and if you would like to apply for the service to find out if you are eligible for record sealing you can call (614) 827-0504.

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