First virtual Festival of Trees to be held tomorrow

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The Zanesville – Muskingum Chamber of Commerce has over 170 trees as well as featured items for the auction. The tree as well as other included prizes are awarded to the highest bidder.

“So, one of the things that we promoted this year was support the local businesses so most of our entries have gift cards from local businesses so we’re very appreciative of that. Not only does it support the Chamber and this event but it supports our local businesses,” Chamber President Dana Matz said.

Although the Festival cannot be held in person, the Chamber is still anticipating a good reception.

“Unfortunately this year, the auction will be closed to the public. So, the Welcome Center will be locked because we can only have a limited number of volunteers in the building while we’re doing this auction but going out over AM 1240 which as a large reach, we have over 700 member businesses. The community is used to this event so we’re getting a lot of hits on our website so we do expect good participation this year,” Matz said.

If you would like to browse the items available in the auction, you can visit WHIZ’s or the Chamber’s website. The event starts Friday at 9:00 AM on AM 1240.