Christ’s Table is busy preparing to distribute Thanksgiving meals

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Staff and volunteers have prepared fifty turkeys and is ready to serve cranberry sauce, potatoes, and stuffing. The Thanksgiving dinners will be a little different than years past.

“It’s going to be a little different this year. It’s not going to be the family style, warm, (and) loving that we normally do in our dining room but its going to be warm we hope and loving out back. So, we’re encouraging anybody in the community that may be spending Thanksgiving alone to stop down. You can pick up your meal or we’re going to have a way for you to sit down and eat a meal. It’s not going to be inside. We’re going to be doing everything COVID friendly tomorrow so all of our volunteers will be sanitizing, wearing masks, wearing gloves, (and) it’ll be a safe Thanksgiving dinner,” Christ’s Table Executive Director Keely Warden said.

Although no one will be allowed to eat in the building’s dining area, there will be a seating area outside.

“We are going to have a few seating options in the parking lot for people who don’t have a home to go home to. It just breaks my heart to feel somebody will be sitting by a dumpster, or on a wall, or on a doorway eating Thanksgiving dinner so we are going to safely seat people. We’ll have Doug Hobson here from the Fire Department making sure we’re social distancing as best as we can. So, we’re praying for sunshine tomorrow. It won’t be warm but hopefully it’ll be better than sitting at a doorway somewhere eating your Thanksgiving dinner,” Warden said.

The distribution will last from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM tomorrow.