Muskingum County Commissioners decide what to do with CARES Act Funds.

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ZANESVILLE – The Commission received 227 applications from the funds from different businesses. From those applications, they awarded 211 grants and will be allocating the near $2 million it has in available funds.

“We also did an additional grant to the library for a request for $12,300 and then the three commissioners agreed that we’re going to give Genesis Hospital $300,000 just to help cover the costs of the vaccines, the testing, possibly storing the vaccines… there’s going to be a lot of expenses for that and that was part of the purpose of the CARES Act money was to help cover expenses and cost associated with COVID-19 so we wanted to be able to help Genesis with that also,” Muskingum County Commissioner Cindy Cameron said.

The businesses who are receiving the funds will have to wait at least a couple of weeks before they arrive.

“It would take at least two if not three weeks for the auditor’s office to write that many checks and they will bring them to the commissioners. We will have a letter to be sent with each check and then we will mail the check with the letter to all of the recipients and if you were a business that did not receive an award you will also get a letter,” Cameron said.

Residents can see all of the businesses that are getting CARES funds on the County Commissioner’s website under the CARES tab. The amount of money awarded is not posted on the website.

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