Muskingum Co. Commissioners participate in virtual presentation featuring Gov. DeWine

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ZANESVILLE – The presentation also featured county commissioners and health advisors from across Ohio. The meeting was held on the Google Meet Service and DeWine is inquiring with each county to ask what the Corona Virus numbers generally look like. The Governor especially liked to hear success stories from different counties in their campaign against COVID-19.

“It was more of a discussion in other counties who were just talking about different things that they are doing. They call it a defense team. We kind of call it unified command. We’ve been doing that for nine months. We have everyone involved: the hospital, the Health Department, the Commissioners, the Mayor; everyone is involved in that. We’ve been doing that since March,” Muskingum County Commissioner Cindy Cameron said.

Cameron said its critical not to be in large groups which can be challenging with Thanksgiving being this week. This step is necessary to potentially lower virus numbers.

“We did learn from the tests that were done this weekend that our number was down small (and) slight (but) not enough to be comfortable in our position at all. They have just really pushed the fact not to be with large groups of people. We realize that its going to be hard with Thanksgiving. That is something that we are just going to have to deal with and we encourage just not to be in large groups. It’s just one of the sacrifices that we’re going to have to make. We’ve got to get our numbers down for them to loosen up on some of the restrictions and we are not there yet by any means,” Cameron said.

Cameron said with the slight reduction in COVID cases, she does feel that the county is not quite approaching the purple level on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

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