Urban Comforts Eatery Holding Thanksgiving Giveaway

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Urban Comforts Eatery in downtown Zanesville is holding a raffle for a thanksgiving meal. 

The raffle will be held online and is for a handmade gourmet holiday meal. The drawing will be Monday, November 23rd at eight pm. 

“So we’re offering a Thanksgiving dinner for ten guests, it comes with a smoked turkey, cornbread relish, cranberry relish, baked mac and cheese, green bean casserole, smoked curds. Garlic bread, a whole pumpkin pie and a whole chocolate pie.”

Entry for the raffle is made online. This for ease of use and for public safety. 

“We’re giving it away on our social media. There’s a guy by the name of Randy Davis. Him and I are partners, he’s giving away a meal and I’m giving away a meal too. Just contact Randy Davis, tell him to put you in the contest, and we’ll put all the names in a hat.”

Urban Comfort sees the drawing as a perfect way to give back to a struggling community.