Muskingum County Library System Announces New Executive Director

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ZANESVILLE, OH – Today the Muskingum County Library System’s Board of Trustees met to appoint a new Executive Director.

Treasurer of the Muskingum County Library System Stacey Russell, who has also been serving as the interim director for the last 12 months, was chosen to lead the organization.

“It’s very very exciting, it’s not something a year ago that I would have seen myself doing. But I am so proud to work in this library system and so proud to lead this staff. Especially as we’ve gone through this pandemic and all of the changes and things we’ve had to adjust to. I cannot be prouder to be the leader of this staff.”

Russell says that she believes it is important to continue to adapt their programs as the COVID-19 Pandemic changes. She believes remaining relevant and resilient in these times is needed to best serve the community.

“Continuing to show our relevancy. We know how important we are when the day we opened our doors back up we had people so excited to be here and to see us. They rely on us for internet access, they rely on us for school work, for pleasure reading, for videos, we’re just so important to the community. So I think during the pandemic that will be our focus in the next year. Just making sure we’re serving the community in the ways that they need.”

Russell has served as the Fiscal Officer for the library system for over 26 years and is an active member of the community.

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