Locally owned fitness centers doing whatever it takes to remain open

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- With the possibility of another shutdown in Ohio, locally owned fitness centers, in Zanesville, are doing everything they can to stay open.

“We have done everything we’ve been asked to do,” SouthTown Gym owner, Abbie Williams said. “We have upgraded our cleaning as far as personnel as far as the disinfectant itself.”

Fieldhouse owner Alainna Durfee said, “We survived a first shutdown but there’s no guarantee we’ll survive a second one. The community has followed very single guideline that we have set fourth. So it’s a little confusing to us when Governor DeWine announced that because we assumed that every other business was doing the same thing. Our members don’t fight us on the masks.”

FlowFit Studios Co-Owner, Tiffany Habib, said “From what I’ve heard, my people that are coming here feel really safe. We’ve had minimal sicknesses that have come through here. We haven’t had any cases that have stemmed from here.”

“I’ve really noticed a difference in the fact that we don’t share weights,” Julie Wells, FlowFit Studios member said. “We’re all six feet apart when we don any group classes and personal training. Everything is really clean and it just makes you feel safe when you come here.”

The biggest safety precaution SouthTown Gym, The Fieldhouse and FlowFit Studios are taking to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, in the facility, is provided by SourceOne Supply, who supplies top rate cleaning services, like High Point Cleaning, with tools and products to clean that last up to 30 days.

“We spray the high touch surfaces with the Clorox disinfectant, which it kills Covid-19 in 2 minutes,” High Point Cleaning management, Kati Delbert said. “It’s better than just Covid-19 too, it kills Infulenza A and B, MRSA, C. diff, Strep, HIV, Hepatitis A and B. It kills all of that stuff and then we go through and spray it again with the Biotrexx.”

“So biotrexx is an EPA registered, FDA approved product that’s good for hard and soft surfaces,” SourceOne Supply regional account manager, Shelly Stottsberry said. “This can be sprayed on everything from food touched surfaces such as kitchens and gyms to the sauna. We can put this on the restrooms. We can put this in the kids area, and it does provide that protection in-between cleaning.”

As much as going to the gym is about physical health, during these trying times, it’s important for these fitness centers stay open because of mental health.

“People need that social interaction in a safe place,” Habib said. “They need it for they’re mental health they need it for they’re physical health and their immune system.”

“I think it’s important for us to stay open for the mental and physical factors of members,” Williams said. “They need a place to come, they need a place to stay healthy. We’re not gonna be able to go outside for much longer so I don’t think gyms are the problem.”

“The plan that we have followed since June 1 we will continue to do that, up until 2022 if we have to, Durfee said. “We will continue to invest in equipment that we know is guaranteed to kill anything, that’s going to keep our members safe.”