Christmas Decorating Takes Place Downtown

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The holiday season is starting in downtown Zanesville. 

On Saturday morning volunteers from local high schools helped to put up Christmas Decorations. The decorations were primarily placed at Zane’s Landing and Secrest Auditorium. 

“We’re decorating different parts of downtown Zanesville today. Secrest Auditorium and Zanes Landing are the main focus but Storybook Christmas will be happening this year, so we certainly encourage families to make great memories this holiday season and get in your cars and drive around. Downtown Zanesville, Dresden, New Concord, all parts of our community are decorated and will be decorated for the holidays.”, Chamber of Commerce vice president Kelly Ashby said.

The volunteers this year are from the Student Community Youth Foundation. StoryBook Christmas is a yearly tradition. 

“We have been doing Storybook Christmas for over five years and we encourage businesses in our community to decorate their store with a storybook theme in mind. So pick your favorite storybook, you’ll see themes like Charlie Brown’s Christmas, The Grinch, again your favorite storybook.”, Ashby said of the tradition.

Decorations will be finished closer to the apex of the holiday season.