Havens Hills Still Has Greens

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Havens Hills has been a constant at the Zanesville Farmers Market this season. 

Though later in the year they still have fresh green vegetables. Jenny Havens explains what they have and how they have it. 

“We actually still have a lot of greens, we have some herbs, we also have some beans and berries. We’re wrapping up things with our sweet potatoes and squash. But, we actually did some covering this last week to keep things alive. We got just to freezing, but with plastic on things we managed to push through. We have a few, I guess you’d call them makeshift tunnels, where we hope to have greens at least through the holiday season.” 

With the holiday season around the corner they are also selling whole and halved turkeys. Every turkey is homegrown on the Havens Hills farm. 

“We’ve raised Thanksgiving turkeys for about ten years now. It started out just for ourselves but we started doing it for customers now. They are raised on pastures so they have fresh grass everyday, non-GMO food, and you can contact us by phone or on the Facebook page to place an order.”

The Zanesville Farmers Market has its last outdoor meeting next Saturday. 

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