Prescription Drug Drop-off Held In Downtown Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-One of two annual prescription drug drop-offs was held at the Muskingum County Health Department today. 

The drop-off is an opportunity for area residents to safely dispose of old and unneeded prescription drugs. Sheriff Matt Lutz explains the importance of doing so.

“It’s really being done the professional way. The DEA started this event and contacted local enforcement in the state of Ohio to do this, and of course we reached out to all of our partners in the county to help assist with it. It’s been phenomenal. You don’t want to have drugs flushed down the toilet, you don’t want to have drugs thrown away in the trash can, thrown out on the side of the road, obviously prescription drugs are very dangerous if they’re put in the hands of somebody that doesn’t know how to use them.”

The program is a collaboration of different agencies and organizations trying to keep the community as safe as they can. Volunteers worked in tandem to set up and carry out the program. 

“Corey Hamilton is our health director. She provides her employees, she provides her location, centrally located downtown so it really makes a big deal. Steve Carrel is here today with Muskingum Behavioral Health, he provides employees to take the medicines and get everything taken care of, and then of course two big helpers are Northside pharmacies and Genesis Hospitals.”

Another take back day will be held in April.

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