Putnam Landing Clean Up for Make a Difference Day

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH – The Muskingum Valley Vineyard Church Respite Center hosted National Make a Difference Day by cleaning up Putnam Landing.

Respite Center Manager and Zane State College Social Work Student Jill Sharrer is very passionate about helping those who need it most.

“From my own past experience, I’ve been homeless and stuff my self. And what motivated me was I took this over in August and it was too good of a thing to shut down because it’s too hard for people to go places in here. Considering they don’t have a warming shelter or nothing yet until December. So I seen this as an open door opportunity to help people while they’re struggling. They can learn things and try to bring them up from the ground.”

Today several groups showed up to help support the National Make a Difference Day. Sharrer details the line up of events.

“Tomorrow is actually the National Make a Difference Day, we decided to observe it today on Friday because this is when our center is usually open. So we just got a band out here playing, we got Shrivers Hospice out here giving snacks and things. When everybody gets here about 1:30 we’re going to go over and start cleaning up Putnam Landing to make a difference to give back to our community.”

Sharrer would like to hold similar events in the future. She says the smallest acts can make the biggest differences in the community.

Megan Landis
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