Genesis Healthcare is providing free mammograms

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ZANESVILLE – The program comes from a partnership between Genesis, WHIZ, Coconis Furniture, and the Muskingum County Community Foundation. Residents have until the end of October to pick up their free certificate from either Genesis or Coconis to receive the free mammogram.

“Doing preventative care is extremely important and having mammograms, we know, that all of the studies show if you have a mammogram we can pick up breast cancer in early stages and we can treat it with a curative intent so having those screening tests regularly is really important to be able to catch things early” Director of Cancer Services Pebble Thornton said.

Thornton wants to stress the opportunity being given by Genesis. This mammograms are of completely no cost.

“This is a huge opportunity. There have been public grant funds that have ran out because of the pandemic. They haven’t been able to raise money like they have in the past and so having this locally in our community that is supported by local businesses and by a local hospital is tremendous. Not every single community can take advantage of something like this,” Thornton said.

Genesis would like to see more women come in and receive the exams. Last year, the program helped 80 women get mammograms.

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