Food Giveaway Took Place At Secrest

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-A USDA backed perishable food giveaway took place at Secrest Auditorium this morning to benefit Muskingum County residents. 

The event was held by numerous local food pantries and was attended by the Civil Air Patrol which helped with traffic. Assistant Fire Chief Doug Hobson tells us more about the air patrol’s presence. 

“As you look behind me and see the military personnel, the Civil Air Patrol has brought forty members down so they’re really working this. They’re working the traffic, they set out all the boxes and they’re loading the cars for us. Again, Muskingum county, we do what we do. The need is there, so we’re coming through.” 

Each box contains a medley of vegetables, fruits and meat meant to help families struggling through the pandemic. The giveaway was a joint effort by many local entities. 

“Myself, Keely Warden, Rick Sabine, have really teamed up to put this thing together, as well as the staff here at Secrest Auditorium. We have the support of Mayor Don Mason, all three of our county commissioners, to keep feeding the hunger. That is what this is all about. Time of need, the pandemic is still going strong, unfortunately with us being a red. We just wanna make sure that our community has food to eat.”

Nearly 1,300 boxes of perishable food were handed out at this giveaway.