Fall Education Fest Seen As A Legacy

Local News

DRESDEN, Ohio-The annual fall educational festival in Dresden took place over the weekend. 

Kendra Moore-Hindel has run the festival since her father Kenny passed away. She sees the festival as her way of honoring his legacy. 

“Our Education of Yesterday show was started by my late father Kenny Moore sixteen years ago and he’s been a farmer all his life and loves farm machinery and trains, tractors, anything with wheels. So, he knows, the kids today, some of them don’t realize where your food comes from, anything about the machinery, so he decided to start this program.”

The nurturing of young minds makes all volunteers for the event feel their work is worth it. A story about Moore-Hindel’s father exemplifies this best.

“One day he had LERM, just L-E-R-M, written on the side of a train. He wasn’t a very good speller, so I said ‘dad you misspelled’ and he said no, each one of those letters mean something. I thought, and I couldn’t think of what they could mean. L is for life, E is for education, R is for responsibility, and M is for memories.”

If you’re interested in the festival it will take place again in the third weekend of next October.