Zanesville Heritage Trail is open to the public

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The program is an open hike and is brought by the Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America. It is a five mile loop that starts at Camp Zane and goes through downtown. There are 67 points of interest for participants to learn a bit about the areas’ history.

“Families can come to it and especially during this time with the Corona Virus where people are looking for ways to go outside and do things safely. We’ve got beautiful Fall weather (and) its a great time to come down. All they need to do is they can come up to our office (and) there’s a map inside of this box right here; just open it up; (the) manila folder has the outline of all of the different points of interests and its a self guided tour,” Asst. Scout Executive Jeff Pickett said.

Landmarks that can be seen along the trail include the Y Bridge and historical statues and churches. Pickett speaks about how the trail has been received in the past.

“So far, its mostly been scouts that have come down and done it but they’ve had a really, really great experience with it and the leaders have said that their young people have really learned a lot about Zanesville and about the history that’s here,” Pickett said.

Scouts who participate have the chance to earn a badge by completing the hike.