Domestic Violence Awareness Event Held At Courthouse

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Domestic Violence Coalition held its annual domestic violence “Walk a Mile In My Shoes” event in a modified capacity today. 

The walk was canceled due to COVID and was replaced with speaking arrangements by Sheriff Matt Lutz and Attorney Jeanette Moll. Organizer and victim advocate Dorothy Thomas talks about the event. 

“We chose not to have such a large event. It’s domestic violence awareness month, we wanted to at least have some education for the community. We chose to give out two awards this year, those are in memory of Mitzi Shook and Todd Bickle, who had been two big supporters and celebrity walkers.”

Moll and Lutz were the recipients of the awards. Thomas is a board member for the domestic violence assistance shelter. If someone is experiencing domestic violence they have things they can do to help their situation. 

“First of all they need to think about safety, so if it’s happening they need to call the police, the sheriff at the time it’s happening and get to some place safe. Then they can get a hold of the domestic violence shelter and we can help them get some services.”

Donations from citizens and business can be made directly to the shelter.