ZAAP October Featured Artist of the Month

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The Zanesville Appalachian Arts Project is proud to share their October Featured Artist of the Month.

Kallia Manika is grateful for the recognition and is looking forward to sharing her gallery with the community. She shared how she got into art and what it means to her.

“I think we’re all art in a way. So I have been doing art all my life. But I think I’ve gone into painting and drawing over the past 4 or 5 years. And I’ve mostly used acrylics and I’ve ventured to other mediums but acrylics has been a very good medium for me to work with. I like symbolism, and I like portraying my emotion into my art.”

Manika describes herself as a symbolic and emotional artist. She pulls her inspiration from emotions she feels or that she takes from other people. Her featured art gallery has special emotion behind it.

“We live in a time of a pandemic. So what I did when everything came crashing down in a way, I took every emotion that I had inside of me, and this whole show was a result of this pandemic. The emotion that it gave me, the emotion that it gave my family, my friends, the world. And that’s why I have specific pieces that have a line on their faces because I wanted to paint unsung heroes.”

The ZAAP Art Gallery will be open during the First Friday Art Walk tomorrow evening from 5 to 8 PM.

If you are interested in Manika’s artwork you can also find her on Etsy,, Instagram @thepreciousagate, and Facebook at Precious Agate.

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