Carr Center Welcomes New Education Coordinator

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Carr Center is starting this school year with a new academic advisor and after school hours. 

Mike Lafferty is a state certified teacher who has recently been hired to supervise the Center’s academic programs. A new program is the remote learning program open to children who are in and out of school buildings. 

“I’ll be overseeing the remote learning, after school program here at the Carr Center for access to the center for kids who need extra help or kids who wanna come in and be outside of their own homes when doing remote learning. I’ll be somebody who can assist them if they need assistance… The program is gonna be offered Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 to 5:30, if kids wanna come after school or all day on those three days we’ll be here.”, Lafferty said Tuesday afternoon.

Lafferty is excited for the new experience. He thinks his years of teaching experience have prepared him for this. 

“I am certified in social studies and intervention. I’ve done social studies and I’ve taught intervention at a couple different schools… It’s good. Something a little different than what I’m used to. It’s good. It’s good to be able to help where needed.”

Registration for the service needs to be done over the phone or on the Carr Center website.