Y-City GunFest Still Selling Tickets

Local News

ZZANESVILLE, Ohio-The annual Y-City GunFest is selling tickets for its virtual event this Saturday. 

Tickets are sold for fifty dollars for the raffle to win the grand prize. Tickets for other prizes are twenty and can be bought over the phone, virtually and in person at the Knights of Columbus headquarters. 

“We really wanna emphasize that in addition to the ticket selling locations and the phone, that they can call, we are gonna be out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, from three to eight pm, and Saturday from eight to one pm. Folks can come out here, we prefer them to wear their masks, we’re gonna follow social distancing guidelines.”

Tickets are also sold at City Tire and Zemba Petroleum, among other local businesses. The draw of this year’s virtual gun show are the prizes to be raffled off. Several area businesses have donated goods to be won. 

“So, these are the table raffles. Really really great prizes. There’s going to be a separate raffle for that where you tickets for the table raffles. One for twenty dollars or ten for a hundred. A lot of local businesses are involved, they’re clearly advertised on each table as you can see.”

This year’s show is on Saturday, October 3rd, from two to five pm on the WHIZ website.