Wayne Township Fire Department Has New Technology

Local News

DUNCAN FALLS, Ohio-The Wayne Township Fire Department has new technology meant to protect the department. 

The technology works in conjunction with driver’s mobile GPS units. Firefighter Cody Smith has more information. 

“We got the Haas Alert system. It was given to us kinda free to trial originally. It’s this small little GPS box that’s tied into the fire trucks electrical system, and what it’ll do, it’ll alert drivers when a fire truck is actually approaching, it’ll pop up on their screen and say emergency vehicle approaching you. Or if we’re parked at a scene it’ll automatically pop up on that person’s Waze or Google maps or what have you to say that there’s an emergency vehicle ahead.”

The technology is free to civilian drivers and is becoming standard in most navigation apps. The department says that it already has issued eighty alerts to drivers. 

“The driver gets a notification through using an application such as Waze or Google Maps or Apple Maps and they’re integrating more and more services as they go along. We found that most people just drive with these applications up on their phone, as is, just to be aware of road hazards or law law enforcement doing speed enforcement or things like that. We’re getting a decent return on investment early just because most people always have their phone out while they drive now.”

One truck has already been outfitted, the department hopes to have all its vehicles outfitted with the technology soon.