Fourth Annual Garage Sale To Benefit Troops To Take Place

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The garage sale Operation Spirit, operated by Melodie Pittman, is holding an event to cover the cost of shipping supplies to troops overseas. 

Pittman sends various gifts to troops such as Christmas trees and Easter candy. This thrift sale is to cover increased travel expenses during the holiday season. 

“We are going to be using the proceeds for our Christmas care packages and shipping. Shipping does increase in about three weeks for the holiday season and normal for the past ten years we have gone to Newark and the girl scouts come in and they decorate Christmas stockings with us.”

The event starts this Friday, October 2nd. It’s the sort of shop where you never know what you’ll find. You can also bring supplies to help Pittman.

 “The sale will take place here on Friday from ten to six and Saturday, ten to two… I appreciate the support from the community through all the years. And if you want to drop off some bags of candy we will be here. Tootsie rolls and tootsie pops, smarties, stuff that won’t melt.”

The sale is located on Bowers Lane here in Zanesville.