The Boy Scouts Make Privacy Folders For Election

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The local Zanesville Boy Scout troop spent the day making privacy folders for the upcoming November election. 

They were tasked with making 30,000 folders for the county. Scout executive Jeff Pickett says the partnership was a natural one that benefits both groups. 

“What they’re doing is, because of COVID-19, the privacy folders that are generally used during the election are reusable, but for COVID-19 they’re not able to reuse them this year. We’re making disposable privacy folders, so that when folks go in and place their vote they can maintain that privacy.”

The project teaches the scouts invaluable skills. After this project the scouts move on to their yearly projects. 

“They’re learning to be involved in the community, to be active. We hope they’re learning more about the election process and how that works, and they’re learning to give back to the community… our popcorn sale just kicked off last weekend. We’ve been working with that very closely. We’re right in the middle of our fall recruiting campaign, so anyone that has a young person, either boy or girl, that would like to join the BSA we’re here for them.”

Those Interested in joining the scouts can call the local scout office. 

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