Sheridan vs. Tri-Valley preview

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DRESDEN, Ohio- The 2020 high school football season may have a different feel to it. However, one thing that means the same is Sheridan and Tri-Valley battling it out for first place in the Muskingum Valley League.

The two teams go at it Friday night in Dresden with kickoff set for 7 p.m. If you can’t make the game, David Kinder will be broadcasting it on Z92.

“This is what high school football is all about. Two good teams battling it out. MVL title on the line,” Tri-Valley football coach Cam West said.

Sheridan football coach, Paul Culver III says “Truthfully I think this game would be big if we were instead of 4-0, we were both 0-4.”

Tri-Valley senior quarterback Aidan Fritter said, “This is the week we’ve been looking forward to the whole season. We’re just ready to go. Happy to play such a good team.”

Sheridan senior outside linebacker Shay Taylor said, “This is the week of straight focus and watching our film a lot more than normal and taking extra reps in practice.”

When ask to describe what the rivalry is like, Tri-Valley junior outside linebacker Luke Hill said, “I would say it’s like the Browns and the Bengals. They’re close and they go at it every single year they play.”

4-0 vs 4-0. First place in the MVL big school division on the line. That seems to be the story line year in and year out when Sheridan and Tri-Valley matchup. Two teams that are very familiar with one another and know what to expect come kickoff.

They got some good athletes. Two good running back and they got their returning quarterback for the third year now so they’re going to be some good skilled athletes, Taylor said about Tri-Valley.”

Sheridan senior center Tavin Leavitt said “Pantaleo(TV running back), he’s a good speed back and then Sands(TV running back) he’s just a power back. It’s gonna take the Red Rage to stop those two.”

Hill said, “They run the ball well, they’re good up front and they’re well coached up front. They really run a lot of plays good and they execute so we just got to execute better and be more consistent.”

Fritter says, “We just got to play to our potential, i mean we have a lot of potential and we just got to play to the best of our ability. I mean they’re a good team. We’re a good team. Just got to play.

And no matter what happens between the lines, both teams have a great deal of respect for one another.

“I have a lot of respect for all the Culver’s. I know a few of them are still around down there but, they do a fantastic job. They’re kids play the game the right way,” West says.

Culver III said, “That was the biggest thing that I was always struck with by (Justin)Buttermore. I wanted to beat him so bad but I’m like gad gun it he’s doing it way the exact way you’re suppose. Coach West and his staff are extensions of that, they’re their own men no questions asked but they’re extensions of that”

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