Board of Elections Facing Different Challenges

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Board of Elections Director Tim Thompson says that one problem it is facing is that they have been receiving multiple ballot applications from the same voter.

“We’re trying to educate the public in the fact that you only need one application and there are multiple applications going out from various different peoples and they are not coming from the Board of Elections. In fact, the Board of Elections hasn’t sent any out. The Secretary of State mailed one out but there are other third parties that are sending applications out and its confusing voters and so voters who have already sent in one application; bare with us. We’ll tale that application, process it, and them mail it out to you,” Thompson said.

The pouring in of the ballot applications has led the Board of Elections to rapidly increase its staff and resources.

“Bringing in new staff and resources right now for this election is because of the large flow of applications that we’ve had. So, we’re trying to make sure that we have enough staff and enough materials and enough resources to be able to get the ballots in the voters’ hands as soon as possible once we’re able to mail out the ballots,” Thompson said.

Ballots will first be mailed out by the Board on October 6th.

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