Eastside Community Ministries is partnering with First Baptist Church to host fresh produce giveaway

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Both Eastside and the church are aware of food shortages that local residents deal with on a regular basis. First Baptist Church Pastor David Nuhfer says the goal is to try to alleviate those shortages in a way that allows people to have a greater sense of hope and a lower sense of stress.

“The goal of the market is to provide dairy products, bakery products, fresh fruits and vegetables, and any other items that are available to us which were put in boxes by the volunteers then taken out to the cars of the people who come out through the drive thru process so we can help them in a very practical way,” Nuhfer said.

The goods will be given away only to cars who drive up to the church because of social distancing.

“It will be strictly drive-up. We will be parking people in our lot. We have a system set up to line them up and we’ll also be using the First Methodist Church as a secondary lot where people will go once this lot is full and then we’ll take people from that lot, bring them up through here, (and) drive them around. Their cars will be loaded and they’ll be able to drive right off of the property,” Nuhfer said.

The giveaway takes place Friday and cars will be allowed into the parking lot starting at 9 AM. Nuhfer asks that no cars arrive before that time.