FoodWorks Alliance Begins Farmers Market Surveys

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The FoodWorks Alliance of Muskingum County is beginning a survey series with the Zanesville Farmers Market. 

The survey is for customers, vendors and restaurant owners and runs through September 30th. Alliance Executive Director Carol Humphreys has more information. 

“What we’re trying to do here is we need to have a facility that will house the farmers market year round. They would like to have a permanent home and FoodWorks Alliance has grown and we need to find another location ourselves. So what we’re trying to do is get the public to weigh in on the interest. Would they support that? Would they shop there?”

The Zanesville Farmers Market has a plethora of vendors looking to extend its services to the winter. Humphreys says a year round market would have a great deal of variety. 

“There’s a lot of produce that you can have later on in the year. Root vegetables for instance, and then if we have, let’s say I’ll use Curly Girl as an example, if we had some of her products and we canned them for her, they’d be available, or if we froze somebody’s corn, or whatever.”

The surveys can be found on the farmers market’s website and can be gotten in physical form from Humphreys herself.