PAWS Organization Meets With County Commissioners

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The PAWS organization met with the county commissioners today to discuss grants. 

The grants would be meant to alleviate financial burdens beset on the group by the COVID pandemic. President Teresa Hildebrand has more information. 

“Basically we’re requesting funding from the city and county. We’re hoping to get five thousand dollars each, from each one of them, annually. Our organization is growing, and we’re able to apply for larger grants, but it’s going to be based on whether or not we have local government participation in the spay/neuter programs.”

The group means to curb the stray animal populations of Muskingum County, which it says is beginning to burden neighbouring Coshocton and Perry Counties. The money raised goes entirely to medical needs for the animals. 

“We’re just really looking to get some input here. We’re down to our last $2,000, we’re gonna be out by the time we pay our next two bills… Basically the $22,000 we’ve spent and raised so far this year, basically goes straight to surgeries. Everything comes out of our pockets, postage, gas, everything. This goes to pay for spay/neuter surgeries, right to the vets.”

A resolution was not met by the meeting’s end.