Animal Shelter Holding Fundraiser

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Zanesville Animal shelter Society is holding its Day In The Doghouse fundraiser tomorrow. 

The event is held in the animal shelter parking lot. Board member Dawn Fello has more information on what to expect. 

“This is our second annual a Day in the Doghouse, held tomorrow evening from five to seven. Pretty much the purpose of this event is to raise awareness for a day in the life of a shelter dog. We may think of it as a doghouse but these dogs live it everyday. We’ll be putting twelve members from the community in a dog cage, per se, and they have to raise money to get out.”

One such community member is Jamie Trout of Eastside Community Ministries. She is thrilled to help raise money for the shelter. 

“Tomorrow I’m gonna be in the doghouse. I’m going to be doing this for the animal shelter to help support local nonprofits. Eastside Community Ministry and the Animal Shelter, believe it or not, partner because the people we serve have animals, and so we want to give back to them for the things that they do for us… You can help me get out of the doghouse by going to my Facebook and donating. I am trying to raise more than a thousand dollars for this animal shelter.”

More information on how to donate can be found on the Animal Shelter’s website under the events tab. 

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