Animal Shelter Names Pet of the Week, Offers Pupdate

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Animal Shelter Society has named its pet of the week. 

This week’s is Bentley, a terrier and pit bull mix. Board member April Cohagen-Gibson has more information on the possible adoptee. 

“This is Bentley, he came to our shelter mid-August. He was surrendered, he had an older owner. So he thought it was best to bring him into our shelter so he could find his forever home. He’s a terrier American pit bull mix, he’s great with kids, he has no issues there. He’s cat and dog friendly, he does have arthritis, he’s one of our senior dogs, he’s almost nine years old.”

Adoption applications are still made online. The society also has a fundraising event happening next week. The event is a very important money-making opportunity for the non-profit organisation. 

“Next Wednesday, here at our shelter right in front of our building, it’s all done outside, is the Day Of The Doghouse. It’s an awesome event where I’m sure you’ve seen folks such as Steve Foreman and Jodie Spencer Elise Luburgh begging for money so that they can leave the shelter. It is here, we’ll have an awesome food truck coming in by the name Road Dog.”

The event is open and free  to the public. 

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