Rolling Plains United Methodist Church will soon be delivering painted inspirational rocks

Local News

ZANESVILLE – This is what the church calls the Hope Rock campaign. The rocks will be distributed to local recovery centers, nursing homes, and schools.

“We just wrapped up our hope rock campaign and we’re getting ready to hit the streets throughout the community to distribute these rocks and the reason for this is to give hope to others in need and we see so much darkness and negativity in our world today and any time we can encourage somebody with hope and let them know that they matter to Jesus and that they matter to us is our whole point of doing this,” Road to Recovery Director Michelle Dobbins said.

Dobbins as well as other parishioners like to bring the message of the church outside of its doors and into the community. She says for anyone who is dealing with dark times or circumstances, there is always hope.

“I know that there was a time in my life when I was in the darkness and I needed some hope (and) I needed some encouragement and I think that any time we can continue to let others know that there is hope outside the walls of the churches, out in the community, anywhere they’re sitting in life, we just want them to know that there’s hope for whenever they’re dealing with any pain; hurts, habits, hangups, addictions, that there is hope ahead of them,” Dobbins said.

The rocks will be distributed Saturday, September 26th.

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