Fire Department Remains Vigilant on Labor Day

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Zanesville Fire Department cannot take the day off, regardless of holiday or not. 

The station is fully staffed and ready for any emergency on all major holidays. Todd Heinzman, a probationary fireman, tells us more about what the day of a firefighter looks like on a holiday. 

“This is my first Labor Day, working here, but not my first holiday. Holiday routines are a little different here. Normally we have daily duties that we do, ya know, mop the floors, sweep, clean the windows. Days like today, holidays, it’s all relaxed, so you kinda just do your own thing, hang out at the station, get some training in on the computer or do some things you might not do on a regular day.”

Given the outdoor nature of the holiday there is to be expected some fire hazards. Heinzman has tips on how to avoid danger and remain safe outdoors. 

“Whenever you’re grillin’ don’t leave the grill unattended. Try to keep it at least ten feet away from any wood products, whether that be your deck railing, any kind of branches or trees, anything that can catch on fire. The side of your house, things like that. Don’t leave them unattended for any length of time… In the city here only seasoned firewood can be burnt, it’s gotta be in a prescribed fire ring or something that won’t, ya know, and you obviously can’t leave that unattended.”

The fire department would like to remind people to take proper safety precautions at all time.