Pet of the Week and Animal Shelter Society Board Update

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ZANESVILLE, OH – This week the Animal Shelter Society has Amy Lee in the spotlight for Pet of the Week.

Amy Lee is a sweet, friendly, and mild mannered lap dog. She does well with other dogs and cats, and is looking for a home that will welcome her cuddles.

“So this is Amy Lee, she’s a 9 year old Chihuahua mix. She came to us as a stray, this is actually her 10th and final day of stray hold, so she’ll be available for adoption now. She does have a heart murmur so whoever adopts her will be working with her animal care manager. And we would love to see her get out of here quickly and go to a home,” Animal Shelter Society Board President Lisa Burkett said.

The Animal Shelter Society is rolling out a new fundraiser. The Dollar a Day Program is a continuous donation of one dollar every day that comes out every month.

“So we just rolled out our brand new Dollar a Day fundraiser. So you can go on to our website and sign up for that. There’s two ways that you can do that. You can either pay through Paypal or we have an ACH form that will take the money directly out of your checking account. And you know that is the only way that we function is from the generosity of our community and you know you might buy that candy bar or cup of coffee everyday and not think about it and this is a way you can give back instead.”

The Animal Shelter Society is also preparing for the Day in the Dog House on September 16th. The fundraising event will feature local celebrities and food vendors.

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